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Welcome to our hills, Proseccoshire!


Come and enjoy Prosecco where is produced!

Below we have outlined the Collibus daily program.


The day starts when we pick you up from Venice in Piazzale Roma, the only reachable place by car in the city, at 9.00 a.m. and then we drive over the laguna bridge towards Treviso, our second pick up point. We arrive in Treviso at around 9:45 a.m... 


We now head off towards the hills of Conegliano to visit the first Cantina (Vineyard) where we will have a guided tour around the vines and production facilities. The tour ends with a Prosecco tasting session - we will taste 5 different Proseccos accompanied by local seasonal produce, bread,cheese and salumi.

The vineyards we have selected are family run and the tasting session will be presented by one of the staff or in many cases a family member who is actively engaged in the production. Most presentations will be in English however we will be on hand to translate if needed.


After the vineyard tour we will head to a village on the hills for a walk and to have lunch in a local trattoria (Tavern).  The  trattoria we have selected are small off the beaten track places where local seasonal food is served.


In the afternoon we will head off to the second vineyard a few kilometres from the first. Here you will be able to note the difference in taste of the wines all due to different micro-climate, production, processes and location. It is possible to buy Prosecco in both cantine, from one up no problems!


During the day we will be driving in the Prosecco DOC area which is full of picturesque villages and farms, we are more than happy to stop the car and go for a walk and to show you where the best photos can be taken! We normally have our cameras with us and with your consent will be happy to take photos during the day for you.

Before to take you back to Venice or Treviso, we would like to take you to  a couple of local shops, a butcher and a cheese shop where you can buy local salumi and cheeses amongst other things! How about organizing a picnic for the next day with bread,salumi and cheese all accompanied by Prosecco eaten over looking Venice!


Special offers for couples and groups.


We are more than happy to pick you up in a different point if necessary. Please don't hesitate to contact us for conditions and pricing. 


Anita + 39 340 8954844  Silvia + 39 339 6462616

e-mail : info@theproseccogirls.it



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Veneto Region Italy 

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