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Hello, my name is Anita and I'm Italian, I am married to Tim a lovely English man, we live in a little village in the Prosecco area and we have two grown up children. Having relatives and friends in England we pop over quite often and also have friends and relatives over to stay with us. We enjoy showing them the other side of Italy, trips to Venice and introducing them to the wonders of Prosecco and Italian life. A cultural exchange has always been our goal. We both love cooking, as an Italian mum I cook lots of Italian food as Italian mums do! Italian food is very regional so I cook many local dishes with local products. Good food, good wine, good company - perfetto!! So here I am realizing a dream that was formed in my heart a few years ago… finally time is right!


Hello my name is Silvia, I am married to Antonio a lovely Italian! I am Italian and we live in a little village not far from Tim and Anita. We have two little children...I was born in a village in the Dolomites near Cortina so I grew up enjoying skiing and I love taking our children up to the mountains during the weekends. How lucky we are living in this area where in one hour we can reach the mountains as well as the beach! I love good food and good wine, so Anita and I don’t need any excuse to cook something to match with our local Prosecco! Infact it was sitting together drinking a glass when the "Prosecco Girls" came to life !

The area is full of rolling hills, vineyards and good places to eat. We would like to encourage you to come to visit this unknown area of Italy, even a weekend break is enough to start! Discover the wonderful land that is home to Prosecco, see another side of Italian cooking and maybe fit in a trip to Venice! We think that the best way to explore and understand this area is to become Italians for a weekend.

Come and join us!

Anita + 39 340 8954844  Silvia + 39 339 6462616

e-mail : info@theproseccogirls.it



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Veneto Region Italy 

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